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A mum was left feeling confused and horrified after learning her in-laws had banned her son, 4, from going to the toilet while on a 90-minute ‘time out’ session

A mum has been left absolutely seething, with her marriage on the rocks, after her sister-in-law and her husband forced her four-year-old son, who has ADHD, to wet himself while they babysit.

The fuming mum had left her child with her husband – the little boy’s step-dad – while she went to her best friend’s funeral, but unbeknown to her, while she mourning her friend, her husband decided to drop the little boy off at his own sister’s house without consulting her first.

While she was at the funeral, the mum received a message from her sister-in-law asking her to come and collect the little boy, explaining that he had wet himself in her house.

“I was all kinds of shocked and confused and had many questions in mind, like how the hell my son ended up at my sister-in-law’s house after I left him with his step-dad,” the woman explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum. “I called my husband but he didn’t answer or call back.”

She continued: “I went over there quickly and found my son crying and wet. I asked my sister-in-law and her husband what happened and they said my son was making so much noise while playing with the kids so they put him on time out.

“After that he told them he needed the bathroom but my sister-in-law’s husband said he couldn’t go to the bathroom while on time out and denied him access after he begged, resulting in him peeing right where he was standing.”

Unsurprisingly, the mum absolutely lost it at the couple for how they treated her son and her in-laws responded by telling her they thought a four-year-old should be able to hold it in for 90 minutes.

“I berated them for treating my son cruelly and denying him a simple request. I asked how could they do this to a child with a condition when they themselves are parents,” she added. “Sister-in-law got offended I implied she and her husband were neglectful parents. We argued then I took my son and went home and my husband wasn’t there.”

The woman’s husband later came home in a fit of rage asking why she went off on his sister and her husband when they were doing them a ‘favour’, prompting the mum to point out they were only doing him a favour as he was the one who was supposed to be looking after the child.

Nevertheless, the husband demanded that the mum apologise to his sister, to which she responded: “In your dreams after how my son was treated.”

“Things escalated I had to take my son and go stay with a friend. My husband kept texting stuff like how I was avoiding confrontation and refusing to admit I over-stepped etc. He said he only expects me to come home AFTER I apologise to his sister and her husband,” the woman added, before asking Reddit whether she was justified in kicking up a fuss.

One Reddit user commented: “A 90-minute time out?! WTF that’s absolutely disgusting. Do not apologise. Girl find yourself a divorce lawyer and protect your poor child.”

“They were neglectful and cruel, and if they have a problem with you saying that, it’s probably because they know it’s true,” another added. “You have a right to be furious, don’t apologise for protecting your son.”