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A man has been slammed online after he shared a video shaming a Tinder date who didn’t meet his standards because she used real money to pay for her half of a bill

A man has been blasted online after shaming his Tinder date because she ‘paid with coins’ – and people have said she had a lucky escape.

Danny Duarte, @thewaterboy, met a woman through online dating apps and they went to a golf range for their first date, then they went to a restaurant a few days later.

After their meal, the woman paid for her meal with cash – specifically coins – and the man took exception to this, so he began recording her actions, as the Daily Star reports.

He posted a video of the woman paying online, adding ‘you can’t make this up’, and now he’s been blasted by others for shaming his date.

In the video, Danny said: “On a second date with Tinder girl and she’s paying with coins. I decided to go out with her again and she does this. You can’t make this up!”

Danny films himself touching his beard then flips the camera to show the table and pans towards the woman, who is seen checking the bill and counting the coins.

One viewer said: “You should be embarrassed for letting her pay.”

A second wrote: “So you choose humiliation over support? Show your true colours…”

“She should take this as a sign that he’s okay with watching her struggle and not helping. Red flags,” a third added.

Some liked to think that the woman was doing it intentionally to “shame” Danny, with one explaining: “She’s probably paying with coins to embarrass you for embarrassing her and making her pay.”

Danny did not respond to the comments and he apparently gave the woman “another chance” to cook him a “medium well” steak.

But he complained that the steak was “raw” after noticing the pink colour in the steak.

“I give her another chance and she does this! I’m done,” he said.