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A picture of a wedding cake has left people on Reddit in hysterics, as they say the unique and gothic ‘spider web’ design actually looks like something completely different

For some couples, the classic wedding cake just isn’t to their taste.

And while alternative cake designs can look amazing, one couple’s choice has raised eyebrows on Reddit after their plan to go for a spooky spider web left some people baffled.

One user posted a picture of the cake – which was white and featured a flower decoration on top, alongside a host of stringy icing that was meant to look like a web – with the caption: “Oh yes love me a good … spiderweb … cake.”

And the picture immediately had people in hysterics, with many commenters alluding to the unfortunate rude imagery the cake conjured up, while others loved the design.

One person wrote: “You sure that’s supposed to be spiderweb? I can think of a few other things it can also be.”

While another posted: “That looks like … something else.”

Commenters without their minds in the gutter offered alternatives for what the cake resembled – including a “piece of gum”.

One said: “It looks like a giant piece of gum got stuck and they tried to get it off but then gave up.”

And a second added: “It looks like someone melted hard plastic over this cake. I literally can’t figure out how they got the fondant like that.”

Others thought the cake looked remarkably like something Great Expectations character Miss Havisham – who was once jilted at the altar and insists on wearing her wedding dress every day – would enjoy.

Someone posted: “I’m guessing they were going for some sort of gothic Tim Burton theme but I’m getting serious Miss Havisham vibes instead.”

And another agreed, adding: “Literally saw this and went ‘Are they having a Great Expectations themed wedding?’ because if so, I feel like this is just … bad juju given how Miss Havisham’s marriage went.”

But not everyone thought the cake was a disaster, as several people loved the unique look.

One person said: “I dress a bit gothic from time to time and could get down for a spooky wedding with a spider cake.

“When the couple cuts the cake, it releases the spiders.”

Another wrote: “As someone who had a ‘To Death do us Part’ themed wedding, I LOVE this cake.”