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A man recently had a remote job interview that included a monitored test, where to prove he wasn’t cheating he had to look directly at the screen, but he failed as his wife continually distracted him

A married man failed a remote job interview after his wife refused to leave him alone during a monitored test.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that he was excited to interview for the new position as it paid three times more than what he was already earning.

As part of the interview, he had to do a monitored test – where someone would watch to see if he was cheating, and he was told that he couldn’t take his eyes off his computer screen.

He explained this to his wife, but she insisted on constantly interrupting him during the interview by asking questions and playing loud music, and when the test came to an end the man found he had failed.

Taking to Reddit, the man said: “I had told her numerous times before the exam about the strict invigilation.

“Just 15 minutes after the test started, my wife started knocking on my study door and calling out my name saying she wanted me to open a jar.

“I ignored her because I would be disqualified from the interview if I looked anywhere else or spoke… I figured she’d get the hint that I couldn’t talk, but she didn’t. She yelled at me calling me an a*e and went on to talk to her friends on a call.

“It didn’t stop at the calls, she played loud music for her online dance yoga class. It was extremely distracting and I made a lot of mistakes in the exam.”

The man added that his wife was pregnant and that he hoped to earn enough money so that she wouldn’t have to work – but his hunt for a new job continues as he failed the multiple-choice exam.

He continued: “I was livid at my wife. This was the fifth interview that she ruined like this. I told her that I give up on trying to make her life easier and that I’m not ready to go looking for any more jobs since she doesn’t even want to maintain silence during important interviews.

“I told her to start working again after the birth and that I am ok paying for a nanny/babysitter. She said that I’m being unreasonable in expecting perfect silence at home.”

After sharing his story online, other Reddit users commented on the post and many said the wife’s actions were troubling.

One said: “The fifth time? Why is she sabotaging you – doesn’t she want you to make money?”

While another wrote: “Do yourself a favour, don’t have any more kids with this woman. The less child support you have to pay when you split the better off you’ll be.”

And a third user added: “Interviews don’t last half a day, it is perfectly reasonable to ask someone to be quiet for a short time.”